Heart Center


The Heart Center at Children’s Health℠ offers a comprehensive program of specialized care for children with congenital and acquired heart diseases. Our multidisciplinary group of specialists work together to meet the full range of pediatric cardiac needs, including prenatal consultation, non-invasive diagnostic imaging, interventional catheterization, electrophysiology (including catheter ablation and device therapy), cholesterol management and cardiothoracic surgery (including heart transplantation).

Innovative Procedures

The Heart Center hopes its practices can be used as educational tools for other cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiology professionals.

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Leading Outcomes

Children's has established itself as a leader in the care of pediatric cardiovascular procedures with outcome statistics that rank among the national leaders.

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Why Children's Health?

The Heart Center's team of professionals includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac intensivists, neonatologists and cardiac anesthesiologists. In addition to providing the highest quality clinical and surgical care, we are committed to improving the health of children everywhere by sharing our innovations and research. A vital component of our program at the Heart Center is our commitment to provide detailed cardiac education and support services for our patients and their families.

Locations in North Texas

The Heart Center outreach program holds regular clinics in areas outside the Metroplex to provide the best possible pediatric cardiac care to patients where it is convenient for the families.