MyChart Bedside

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Stay connected to your child’s care.

Children's Health℠ offers patients a new way to stay connected to their care team and quickly access important information about their hospital stay using MyChart Bedside.

What is MyChart Bedside?

During your child’s hospital stay, Children’s Health provides a tablet, free of charge, that includes the MyChart Bedside app. MyChart Bedside lets a patient and their approved caregiver quickly access important health information, attend video appointments, schedule meals and more.

The Children’s Health tablet must stay in the patient’s room and will not work outside the hospital. MyChart Bedside is specific to a patient’s current hospital stay, and when the patient goes home all information on the tablet is erased.

Key Features

MyChart App

Access Bedside information on the MyChart app

If you already have a Children’s Health MyChart account, you can use the MyChart app on your personal device to see information shared in MyChart Bedside.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring my own tablet or phone to use MyChart Bedside?

    No. You can use one of our hospital-issued tablets to use MyChart Bedside. If you already have a Children’s Health MyChart account, use the MyChart mobile app on your personal device to see information shared in MyChart Bedside.

  • Who is MyChart Bedside available for?

    MyChart Bedside is available only for patients and their designated proxies while the patient is admitted in the hospital. The patient will enter a PIN to use the tablet, while family members with approved access will enter their own PIN to use the tablet.

    A proxy is a family member or caregiver serving as the patient’s legal guardian who has been verified by the Health Information Management Department at Children’s Health to have access to the patient’s health information.

  • Is there a fee to use MyChart Bedside?

    MyChart Bedside is free to use on a hospital-issued tablet during a patient’s hospital stay.

  • What is the difference between MyChart and MyChart Bedside?

    MyChart Bedside provides real-time information during a patient’s hospital stay. It can only be accessed from a Children’s Health tablet during an inpatient visit. Similarly, MyChart has the patient’s electronic medical records, but includes their outpatient records and can be accessed any time from a personal device.

    When the patient is in the hospital, they can access much of the same information through MyChart and MyChart Beside. MyChart Bedside has additional unique features, however, such as ordering meals and viewing hospital amenities.

    MyChart Bedside and MyChart work together. If you already have a Children’s Health MyChart account, you can use MyChart Bedside from the MyChart app on your personal device. If you’re on the go, log into the MyChart mobile app to see information shared in MyChart Bedside.

    Learn more about the benefits of MyChart.

  • Where does the information in MyChart Bedside go after I leave the hospital? Can it be seen by anyone else?

    All information on the Bedside tablet is erased when you leave the hospital. The clinical information about the hospital stay is stored in the patient’s electronic medical record. Any notes, education materials and health information stored in MyChart Bedside will be available in your Children’s Health MyChart account.

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