Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation


At Children’s Health℠, we see beyond today’s treatments. We embrace a vision for a brighter future and diligently pursue research into better treatments, and ultimately cures, for the most devastating conditions our young patients face.

Here, field leaders meld bedside practice and lab breakthroughs, fostering the translation of science into better outcomes for kids. The Children's Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern is a joint venture that builds upon the comprehensive clinical expertise of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and the internationally recognized scientific excellence of UT Southwestern Medical Center. The $150 million venture is designed to pursue research with the potential to change scientific fields and the way disease is treated.

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Our Future

What we know about the future is that our community is going to continue to grow, as will the need to offer care for the smallest of the small.

Clinical Trials & Research

Change takes research. And at Children’s Health℠, innovative research leads the way to excellent care.

Research Centers

Blazing new trails in medicine means collaborating with an elite class of physicians while making new discoveries about the makeup of the human body.

Research How-To

Our current research – in conjunction with UT Southwestern –focuses on many critical areas including cancer research, cardiothoracic surgery, neonatology, kidney disease, infectious disease, pharmacology, sickle cell disease and psychiatry.