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Daniyal Kamal, Clinical Research Coordinator Co-Moderator

Researcher Spotlight: Daniyal Kamal, BSRC, RRT-NPS

Daniyal Kamal presented at the NACFC 2017 presented on quality improvement in Clinical Research. Out of eight possible candidates, he was chosen to Co-Moderate for the North American CF Conference 2018 session on Quality Improvement in Clinical Research. This is such a huge opportunity and we are very excited to support Daniyal as he continues to make life better for children though his selfless service and passionate advocacy!

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Mark your calendars for upcoming Research Matters

In January, the UT Southwestern HRPPO began a series of presentations focusing on informed consent. The first presentation in the series is “Informed Consent – A Review of the Basics,” presented by Joshua Fedewa, MS, CIP, HRPP Associate Director. This topic will cover informed consent regulations and the consenting process of children, cognitively-impaired patients, and non-English speaking participants.

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