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Keeping Families Healthy

Keeping Families Healthy


Growing up is full of new experiences—as well as a few risks. As a parent, when you're  aware of some of the common dangers children face, you’re better prepared to prevent  them. That's why Children’s Health℠ offer programs to get you the information you need so your  child is happy, healthy and safe.

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Health & Wellness Library

Our mission at Children’s Health℠ has always been to make life better for children. With our Health & Wellness Library, we are by your side® with the latest information, advice and tips on health care topics that are important to you

We’re Different

We know you have choices when it comes to your child’s care. That’s why, at Children’s Health℠, we work so hard to make sure your child has access to the latest medical treatments and procedures and state-of-the art equipment and technology.

Community Partners

As the leading research and teaching facility, as well as the premier pediatric hospital in North Texas, Children’s commitment to healing children goes beyond their physical time in our facilities. We join forces with several organizations to promote wellness and assume a proactive approach to healthy living throughout the entire area.

Community Resources

Through a combination of program initiatives, organizational affiliations and community events, Children’s works throughout the community to provide area children access to a better quality of life.

Child Advocacy

Children’s works with community and state partners to serve as advocates for all children, promoting access to medical services and working to improve their overall health, education, safety and security.