Diversity and inclusion at Children’s Health℠

Diversity and Inclusion at Children's Health - feature image of toddle in yellow dress

"Looking Inward. Taking Action." is the first Diversity and Inclusion Impact Report for Children’s Health℠. It serves as a benchmark, pinpointing how far we have come since we began our D&I journey and where we need to focus our efforts moving forward. Explore this page for a summary of key areas or download the full report.

Our health equity, diversity and inclusion journey 

Like many other organizations in the country, Children’s Health is on a journey to build and maintain a diverse workforce and create an inclusive workplace.


Formed Cultural Competency
Steering Committee

Created Diversity and
Inclusion Role

Recruited Diversity and
Inclusion Ambassadors


Formed Sr. Leader Diversity
and Inclusion Advisory
Council (DIAC)

Created Diversity and
Inclusion Guiding Principles

Established Employee

Initiated Race, Ethnicity, and
Language (REaL) Data

Started Social Determinants
of Health (SDOH) Screening


Implemented Diversity and
Inclusion Workshops and
Cultural Competency Training

Created Health Equity and
Inclusion Leader Role

Created Workforce
Development Plan


Conducted Cultural Climate

Integrated Inclusive Leader
Accountabilities with MODEL

Integrated Inclusive Practices
with Talent Acquisition

Launched PCT
Apprenticeship Program

Becoming intentional about diversity and inclusion

Chris Durovich

“We are humbled by and proud of the progress and initiatives presented in this report. We remain driven by the same continuous pursuit of improvement that has helped us build our extraordinary organization.”

Chris Durovich

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tina Bowers

“We all have a role to play in ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors is treated with dignity and respect.”

Tina Bowers

Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer