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Student Affiliations


Student Services manages onboarding for all affiliated students for Children’s Health that are seeking a rotation at Children’s Health as part of their degree program. Student Services does not handle credentialed medical/dental students, which come into the organization through the GME office. 

Affiliated Student Criteria

Affiliated Student Criteria

Affiliated Students are defined as:

  • Completing course work that is required as part of a school program that has an affiliation with Children’s (Degree course work  NOT resume building work)
  • Must have a Hosting Department  - see list of available Hosting Departments
  • Not a medical or dental student that requires credentials
  • Not paid by Children’s

Still not sure if you are an Affiliated Student?  Click here

Students that don't meet the above criteria will NOT be handled by Student Services.  Other options include:

Student Services Responsibilities

Student Services Responsibilities

Student Service's role consists of the following:

  • Provide affiliation standards, streamlined processes, and ensures maximum return on investment on students for the organization
  • Processing paperwork to clear student
  • Collaborating with hosting departments
Hosting Departments Responsibilities

Hosting Departments Responsibilities

Hosting Department role consists of the following:

  • Request and/or verify contract is in place and current by clicking here
  • Complete Student Request form to start process with Student Services
  • Student’s Orientation to department and organization
  • Distribute any department specific information and/or handbook to student 
  • Hosting Department Checklist
How Students Are Processed

How Students Are Processed

  1. Process starts with Hosting Department
  • Request and/or verify contract is in place and current by clicking here
    • Contact StudentAffiliationContracts@childrens.com for:
    • New/Renewal Contract requests
    • Questions regarding contracts
  • Student Request Forms must be done through Ultimus by the Hosting Department
    • Complete Student Request form in Ultimus to start process with Student Services
    • Requests must be submitted at least 3-weeks prior for non-employees and 1-week prior for employees
    • Use students legal name
    • Forms will not be accepted directly from student
  • Hosting Departments are responsible for providing student with the Student Handbook, any department information, and department orientation.
  • Student Services, Occupational Health, and the Badge Office are NOT open on weekends.
  1. Once Student Services Receives the Student Request Form
  • Student will receive a notification email from Student Services giving them information about their rotation at Children’s and giving them the paperwork they must complete and submit back to Student Services electronically.  Attachments to this email include:
    • Requirements for Children’s
    • Health Form
      • Form must be complete and accurate before it will be passed on to Occupational Health
      • Documentation must accompany Health Form (unless otherwise directed)
      • Delays getting cleared with Occ Health may delay your start date
      • Student – You are responsible for making sure you are cleared with occupational health (OH) OH should copy you on an email either clearing you OR telling you what you need for clearance  
    • Waiver Form
      • Must have actual signature
    • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Must have actual signature
    • Attestation Letter
      • Your school is required to provide an attestation letter on school letter head and using the template provided
  1. Once Student Sends Completed Paperwork back to Student Services
  • Student will not be entered into our computer system until they return completed paperwork
    • Students will be assigned a Lawson/Employee ID number
    • Students will be assigned training to complete in Cornerstone
  • Student will receive final step for rotation clearance email from Student Services giving them directions
    • This email will:
      • Give direction on how to complete online training in Cornerstone (CART)
      • Notify Access Management to set up your computer access (if required)
      • Student Services only sets up basic network access for you. 
        • Your hosting department is responsible for arranging any training and access to other application(s) required, such as Epic.
      • Provide any additional information you will need for rotation
  1. Once all Student Paperwork and any Required Training is Complete
  • Student will receive a clearance email from Student Services letting them know they are clear to start their rotation
    • Student – Please print out this email and take it with you to the Badge Office.
    • Your Hosting Department will let you know when and where you to report on you your first day.
    • Please consult the handbook provided to you by your hosting department for parking locations and Badge Office location/hours.
  • When students report to the Badge Office
    • You will need to present a government-issued driver’s license or an identification card
    • Employees must get a student badge; they may not wear employee badge during rotation
    • Students must return your badge to the Badge Office at the end of your rotation
  • Student is responsible for ensuring they receive clearance email at least one week prior to start date

5. Student has Completed Process with Student Services and is Ready to Start Their Rotation

  • Hosting Department is responsible for student’s orientation to department and organization
  • If you extend students dates during your rotation at Children’s, please notify student services prior to your scheduled end date to avoid access disruption.

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