Pediatric Virtual Care

Pediatric Virtual Care

At Children’s Health, we’ve been providing telemedicine since 2014. We have a proven track record of helping kids get and stay well by working with a Children’s Health physician, counselor or nurse practitioner – from anywhere in the state.

Virtual Care at Children’s Health lets kids receive care from doctors, advanced practice practitioners and therapists over a video call. It is a great option for ensuring your child’s health at any time of day and from the places they feel most comfortable – school and home. Our top-notch, secure software allows our providers to care for your child in a safe, efficient manner.

The families we serve with virtual care programs can:

  • Avoid scheduling and missing work for a doctor’s office visit
  • Get children back in school faster
  • Access behavioral and mental health care more easily
  • Get the support they need to navigate the health of their children faster and at any time of day

How Virtual Care works for you

Virtual Visit

  • Families can video chat with a provider right from home about illnesses, injuries or mental health care. Learn more.

School-Based Programs*

  • Students can connect with a Children's Health provider or licensed behavioral therapist. Learn more.

*Only available at participating schools 

World-class care, without traveling to a clinic

Our virtual visits programs allow you and your child to access our pediatric physicians virtually from your home by using our app. You can use our app on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Learn about downloading the app, logging in to your account and signing into your scheduled appointment.

Our Virtual Visit Program offers urgent care and behavioral health support.

Virtual care for kids at school

Our School-Based Telehealth Program allows our providers to meet your child at school (where available). The program helps your child’s school nurse facilitate a visit between your child and their provider over a video call on a tablet.

Our School-Based TeleBehavioral Health Program connects providers and kids over video calls in a setting where kids feel safe – school. The program works with school counselors to help coordinate appointments and get kids the support they need to navigate stressful or emotional situations they face in their daily lives.