Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program

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Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program

For children with congenital heart conditions, we are recognized as specialists in identifying those at risk for developmental delays, providing evidenced-based interventions, and connecting the whole family to specialized care and support.

The Children’s Health℠ Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program provides experts who specialize in identifying and treating babies and children with congenital heart conditions, who are most at risk for developmental differences. Our care team works with your family during and after your child’s hospital stay, providing continuous care at every stage of your child’s ongoing development, from infancy through early adulthood.

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Care for the whole child

Children with congenital heart defects are often at risk for developmental delays. That’s why we care for the whole child – not just their heart condition. Working with the family, we focus on building the child’s speech, motor and neurocognitive skills to help them grow and thrive.

Family-centered approach to developmental care and support

Children with heart conditions are more at risk for developmental and learning concerns, as well as social, emotional, and behavioral differences. Many of our patients have had heart surgery within the first year of life, though some heart conditions are not identified until later in life. Our team monitors your child’s development, creates personalized treatment plans, and supports your child from infancy through early adulthood. Our team of experts provides:

  • Personalized developmental care plans during your child’s hospital stay 
  • Developmental care rounds where you can meet with your child’s specialists to discuss developmental goals and strategies 
  • Outpatient screening for infants and children who are most at risk for neurodevelopmental differences
  • Continuous monitoring of your child’s developmental progress through adulthood.
  • Recommended therapy services to assist your child in reaching their goals
  • Tools to support your child’s development while in the hospital and at home

Children with congenital heart disease – at Children’s Health and around the world – benefit enormously from the work of the multinational Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Collaborative. By working together on neurodevelopmental research and best practices, health care professionals in the CNOC improve the lives and health outcomes of all children with congenital heart disease.

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