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Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at Children’s Health focuses on the treatment of heart problems in adults. Read on to learn about these services.

Fetal Heart Program

At Children’s Health℠, we provide expert care to some children even before they’re born. If doctors detect a heart problem in your unborn baby, we can help you plan a safe delivery and make sure your child gets the care they need right away.

Heart Failure Program

The Pediatric Heart Failure Program at Children’s Health offers support for the rarest heart problems in children. Learn more about heart failure treatment.

Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program

The Pediatric Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program at Children’s Health works to detect warning signs for delays in brain development for children. Read on to learn more.

Safe at Home Program

When your child has a complex heart condition, such as a single ventricle defect, it’s natural for you to feel anxious about caring for them at home, but you don’t have to go it alone. Using a team approach, we give you all the tools and information you need to help your child stay healthy between surgeries.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Sometimes the best treatment for heart disease is open heart surgery. At Children’s Health, we use minimally invasive techniques such as partial sternotomy, whenever possible to help your child recover faster and reduce their risk for post surgical complications. This is just one of the reasons why children come to us from all over the country for cardiothoracic surgery.


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