Cardiac Anesthesia

Special medications to help your child not feel pain during a procedure (anesthesia) can also increase their risk for complications, especially children with complex heart conditions. Cardiac anesthesia experts at Children’s Health have years of experience keeping children safe from complications so they can receive the advanced treatments they need.

Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention

With newly renovated labs and the best available technology, UT Southwestern interventional cardiologists working at Children’s Health℠ provide every possible test and procedure for treating pediatric heart disease. We are proud to offer one of the nation’s largest cardiac catheterization programs right here in Dallas.

Cardiac Consultation

If your child’s doctor finds signs of heart disease, he or she may refer you to Children’s Health℠ for a visit with one of our experts (cardiac consult). This is an important opportunity for us to examine your child’s heart and determine if they need treatment.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

Experts in our cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) deliver highly specialized care and monitoring to our sickest patients in a family-centered environment.

Electrophysiology (Arrhythmia)

The Pediatric Electrophysiology team at Children’s Health works to monitor heart palpitations in kids. Learn more about Arrhythmia treatments for children.

Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac imaging helps doctors understand characteristics of your child’s heart, such as how well blood is flowing and if scar tissue is making it work harder than it should. These tests provide important details to help us accurately diagnose conditions and plan the best treatment.


Heart health screenings are important for children as they can indicate arrhythmia, congenital heart defects, heart failure and more. Fact is, the earlier a problem is detected, the better. Learn more about electrocardiograms at Children's Health.

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