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Fetal Heart Program


Babies who have congenital heart conditions need special care. At Children’s Health℠ Heart Center, our pediatric cardiology experts start coordinating that care before the baby is even born.

With personalized birth plans and unmatched expertise, our nationally recognized fetal heart experts consult with maternal fetal medicine and other subspecialists to skillfully diagnose and manage congenital heart disease and heart anomalies – before and after delivery. We make sure mothers and babies get the most comprehensive heart care, starting with baby’s very first breath.


Fetal Cardiac Experts

Our collaborative fetal care approach and focus on patient education means less stress for families and better outcomes for babies. You’ll benefit from our:

  • Fetal Cardiac Expertise: Children’s Health is one of the first programs in the country to receive an elite certification for fetal cardiac monitoring from The Joint Commission. Our pediatric cardiology experts are highly trained in fetal heart imaging, and can treat the most complex cases.
  • Advanced diagnosis: Using special imaging technology, we can diagnose heart conditions while your baby is still in the womb – as early as 18 weeks into the pregnancy. An early diagnosis helps us best prepare for every aspect of your baby’s care.
  • Team approach: We provide expert coordinated care.  In collaboration with maternal, fetal, and many other pediatric  specialists we develop a plan for your child’s treatment. We meet on a regular basis to discuss each patient so we’re always ready to deliver life-saving care.
  • Personalized care: Our specialists work with expectant mothers from fetal diagnosis through delivery and beyond, touching all stages of their baby’s care. When we first see you, you’ll meet with our fetal heart coordinator, who acts as a family’s personal guide through the entire care process.
  • Focus on families: Our dedicated social worker connects parents with compassionate support and valuable resources. We help out-of-town families find housing and coordinate other logistics so you can focus on caring for your baby.

Fetal Heart Services 

When you know your baby needs help, it can be difficult waiting for them to be born. You can breathe easier knowing that our doctors work directly with you to plan for your baby’s specialized care.

  • Expert diagnosis: With fetal imaging professionals and doctors dedicated to fetal heart care, we expertly diagnose your child’s condition. Using special imaging tests (fetal echocardiograms), we can learn a lot about your unborn child’s condition. Learn more about our cardiac imaging services.
  • Customized birth plans: We work with expectant mothers to identify a hospital most convenient for you and your family as well as delivery techniques that are safest for your baby’s condition. If you don’t live near Children’s Health or the Dallas area, you may be able to deliver your baby somewhere closer to home. Our doctors will let you know your options.
  • Family support and education: We want you to feel comfortable taking an active role in decisions about your child’s care, and we take pride in helping you understand your baby’s condition. After you meet the staff who will take care of your baby, our doctors will talk with you about possible treatments and answer your questions. We will help you find the cardiologist who best meets your child’s needs. We also offer:
    • A tour of our Heart Center, so you can feel comfortable about what lies ahead
    • Our Mended Little Hearts program, where you can talk with parents who have been in your shoes