FETAL Center

FETAL Center

Fetal Evaluation and Treatment Alliance Center

The FETAL Center helps families and their babies overcome even the most complex prenatal conditions, by diagnosing health issues before birth, creating a comprehensive birth plan and assembling specialized teams to care for babies once they’re born

When a prenatal ultrasound reveals a health problem, it’s natural to feel scared and unsure about what to do next. The FETAL Center at Children’s Health℠ has helped hundreds of parents—throughout Texas and beyond—understand their baby’s condition, meet their comprehensive care team, and make the healthiest possible decisions for their child and family.

Led by June Hu, M.D.Patricia Santiago-Munoz, M.D., and two dedicated coordinators, the FETAL team works hand-in-hand with UT Southwestern physicians representing more than 50 specialties. Whether families need a urologist, plastic surgeon, ENT physician or other specialist, we’ll assemble a team that gives every baby the best opportunity for a happy, healthy life. 

Conditions We Treat

Treatments and Services

  • High Frequency and Jet Ventilation
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Total Body Cooling
  • Sub-specialty Consultations
  • Radiology Services
FETAL Center Care Coordinators - Children's Health

Meet the FETAL Care Coordinators

Laura Van Pelt, MSN, RNC-NIC, and Hazel Lazatin, BSN, RN, bring more than 25 years of combined NICU nursing experience to the FETAL team. They use that experience to help families understand their baby’s condition and treatment, and prepare for delivery. 

“Our job is to coordinate care, take detailed notes and answer any questions,” Laura says. “It’s rewarding to relieve some of parents’ anxiety and use our NICU and nursing experience to help them along this journey.”

Red carpet service and a spa-like environment

Our FETAL Center is a warm, welcoming environment where expectant parents can meet their care team. We offer complimentary valet parking and a private entrance, so families don’t have to find their way through the busy hospital. Our consultation rooms feature comfortable furniture and a spa-like atmosphere to help parents feel as comfortable as possible.

An expert team, by your side

Each family is matched with a FETAL care coordinator who stays with you every step of the way. The coordinator accompanies families during consultations with doctors, and helps schedule tests and appointments to make care convenient.

It felt good to be prepared for the experience and know what to expect. It happened just like they said it would – and it worked.
Molly, mom

In fact, coordinators arrange care so that all the specialists you need come to you during a single appointment. You don’t have to go from clinic to clinic—or keep coming back to see one doctor at a time.

We’re proud to be the only pediatric hospital affiliated with UT Southwestern. This affiliation means your baby has access to some of the world’s top pediatric doctors, in many different specialties—both medical and surgical—as well as the most advanced treatments.

Help for every condition

From abdominal masses to craniofacial differences, we treat a wide range of pediatric conditions. Whether your baby’s health issue is common or rare, the FETAL team will create a personalized care plan that delivers the best opportunity for a healthy outcome.

We know families have many questions. That’s why we explain your baby’s condition and treatment plan in detail and take time to answer any and every question—whether it’s about what to expect in the delivery room, or about when you can hold your baby after birth.

Follow-up care

After your baby is born, we’ll coordinate any follow-up care they need in the hospital. Our Thrive Program delivers specialized outpatient care once you go home.

Meet the Care Team