Cardiovascular Genetics

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Cardiovascular Genetics

One of the first questions parents ask after being told their child has congenital heart disease is, “What caused it?” While the medical community still has much to learn about pediatric heart defects, we do know that about 20% of congenital heart conditions are linked to genetic causes.
The Pediatric Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic at Children’s Health℠ Heart Center offers thorough evaluation and long-term management for infants and children with inherited cardiovascular disease. We treat the full spectrum of genetic disorders that can affect your child’s heart, no matter how complex those needs might be.


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Intensive follow up care for children with genetic disorders

Our experts partner with families to provide specialized evaluation and long-term management for children who have genetic heart conditions. Patients benefit from our

  • Full-service pediatric cardiology care: We are the only program in North Texas tailored to children with inherited cardiovascular disease. We have the expertise and cutting-edge tools to provide all the heart care your child needs, from diagnosis to evaluation and treatment, including specialized cardiac surgery.
  • Advanced genetic testing: Certain gene mutations can affect multiple organs or systems. With advanced genetic testing, we can learn more about your child’s health condition and ensure we’re addressing every aspect of care, at every stage of life.
  • Compassionate genetic counseling: You may have questions about what a genetic mutation means for your child and family. Our cardiovascular genetics specialist develops lifelong relationships with patients and families. We offer risk counseling and advisement to help you best meet the life and care challenges of congenital heart disease and other genetic disorders.
  • Care coordination: For children who have multiple health conditions, keeping track of specialty care needs can be difficult. We collaborate closely with geneticists, surgeons, endocrinologists, immunologists and ophthalmologists to help coordinate any further specialty care your child might need.
  • Research and innovation: In partnership with UT Southwestern, our pediatric cardiologists are on the forefront of research efforts focused on finding a cure for rare congenital heart conditions. We know about the latest gene therapies and offer the best treatments to our patients.
  • Specialized fetal evaluation: We can diagnose heart defects while babies are still in the womb using a fetal echocardiogram, and we provide prenatal counseling. Once your baby is born, our expert team of pediatric cardiologists and surgeons will guide you through the care your child needs.

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