Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Our Level IV NICU designation means we never need to refer your baby to another hospital for care. From feeding challenges to surgical procedures, neonatologists and pediatric sub-specialists from UT Southwestern deliver any care or treatments your baby may need.

US News & World Report also ranks Children’s Health℠ among the nation's top programs in Neonatology. This ranking highlights our dedication to exceptional care and best practices as well as the use and availability of advanced treatments.

We also offer advanced treatments, including fetal surgery. Learn more about ex utero intrapartum treatment, or EXIT.

Drawing patients from across the region, we care for more than 650 babies each year. We combine the best available treatments with the renowned expertise of neonatologists and pediatric subspecialists from UT Southwestern to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Conditions We Treat

Treatments and Services

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  • High frequency oscillator and jet ventilation
  • Nitric oxide
  • Pre and post-surgical care
  • Total body cooling

Why Children's Health?

At Children's Health, we provide comprehensive care for any neonatal condition or diagnosis. Our 47-bed Level IV NICU is capable of caring for babies that have been developing in the womb for as little as 24 weeks (gestational age) and serves as a regional referral center for lower level NICUs. The NICU was recently expanded in 2015 and includes state-of-the-art equipment and upgraded amenities for our families.

We also provide developmentally appropriate care. We meet your baby’s need for comfort and security while carefully controlling exposure to stimulation from light, sound and physical contact. When stable, your baby “graduates” from the NICU. Before going home, we teach you to handle any ongoing medical needs.

If your baby requires follow-up care, our Thrive Program helps assess the situation and ensures that developmental milestones are met, including motor skills, cognition, speech and physical growth.

Children's saved my girl's life on more than one occasion. Why would I ever trust anyone else with her care?
Amber, Mom

Program Highlights

  • Family support: Through bonding activities and information sessions, you will learn more about the condition affecting your baby, find ways to become involved in your baby’s care and meet families going through NICU journeys of their own.
  • Leadership: As a member of the Children’s Hospital Neonatal Consortium, we work with other top-ranked NICUs to improve the quality and safety of care delivered in NICUs across the country.
  • Letting your baby recover close to home: We recognize how comforting it is to be close to home. When your baby stabilizes, our dedicated neonatal transport team guides a transfer back to a hospital in your community.
  • National recognition: We are the only NICU in North Texas designated by OptumHealth™ as a Neonatal Center of Excellence. This distinction means we take extra steps to provide the best possible care, with an emphasis on preventing avoidable complications.
  • Safety and Quality Team: We are constantly monitoring care delivery and processes in our NICU and have a robust quality dashboard that is reviewed on a monthly basis. Numerous projects to improve quality and outcomes result in efficient and effective care for our patients. In addition, we are active participants in national quality projects to enhance outcomes.
  • TeleNICU: This program expands our ability to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time. UT Southwestern neonatologists lend their expertise to community NICUs via telemedicine. Learn more about our TeleNICU program.


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