Programs and Services

Programs and Services


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Sports Medicine Center

Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is the only comprehensive facility in the region focusing on the sports medicine and orthopedic needs of young athletes and non-athletes.

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Aches, breaks and bone irregularities: Our pediatric orthopedic surgeons treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions and sports medicine injuries. If you’re considering surgery for your child, turn to the experts at Children’s Health Andrews Institute, the only pediatric-focused orthopedic and sports medicine center in Texas.

Sports Concussion Treatment

Concussions are a serious matter. While not typically life-threatening, they can have long-term effects on how your child learns, acts and participates in sports. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to minimize any effects and possibly shorten your child’s recovery.

Sports Performance powered by EXOS

Children’s Health Andrews Institute is the first pediatric hospital to team up with EXOS, allowing us to offer that elite performance expertise to youth athletes ages 7 to 22. We help children, teens and young adults reach their sports performance goals within specific programs tailored to their level and age group.

Sports Performance Nutrition Services

Serious athletes know the importance of fueling their body the right way. Nutrition is a key component of sports performance, which is why Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers a range of expert nutrition counseling.

Spine Center

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute Spine Center, your child can receive expert care from highly trained spine specialists for scoliosis or other spine disorders within two weeks, or sooner.

Fracture Care

Depending on the type and location of a fracture, your doctor may recommend either non-operative treatments or surgery. Thankfully, most fractures in children and teenagers are treated effectively without surgery. Our experts, trained in the intricacies of growing bones, work with you and your child to make the right call.

Pediatric Sports Cardiology

Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers cardiac screenings to spot the potential for these silent conditions. Our specialists work with families to manage the risk effectively and appropriately.

Pediatric Hand Surgery

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, our expert hand surgeons can treat a range of surgical needs for infants, children and adolescents. We give each child the highest level of form and function for their hands as possible.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, a fast, accurate diagnosis is the first step to getting back in the fray. Learn more about our diagnostic imaging services.

Neuromuscular and Congenital Treatment

Whether it’s helping a child walk more easily or enabling him or her to hold a spoon so they can feed themselves, Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers a combined treatment approach for disorders of muscle imbalance and increased tone.

Cartilage Center

Is your child having unexplained knee pain? If so, it could be a sign of a cartilage problem. Children’s Health Andrews Institute is on the frontlines of treating cartilage issues in children and adolescents.

Dance Sports Medicine

Learn more about our team’s expertise in treating the full range of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries faced by dancers and gymnasts.


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