Sports Performance powered by EXOS

Sports Performance powered by EXOS


Internationally known for training the world’s top athletes and military special forces, EXOS takes a whole-body approach to sports performance. Children’s Health Andrews Institute is the first pediatric hospital to team up with EXOS, allowing us to offer that elite performance expertise to youth athletes ages 7 to 22. We help children, teens and young adults reach their sports performance goals within specific programs tailored to their level and age group.

Our emphasis in performance is to prevent injuries through performance training. So often the emphasis in youth sports is on competition and constantly increasing the level of competition year round. At Children’s Health Andrews Institute Sports Performance powered by EXOS, we offer an active recovery from year round competition to allow recovery while preparing the young athlete for improving their game.

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Sports Performance Training?

At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, our performance program is run by sports performance specialists with expertise in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, kinesiology and nutrition. Our program features:

  • A focus on safety and injury prevention: When evaluating an athlete’s abilities, our sports performance specialists assess functional movement, balance, strength and power. By correcting any underlying deficiencies, we improve athletes’ performance while also decreasing the risk of future injury.
  • Physical therapy and sports performance in one: In this innovative “bridge” program, EXOS sports performance specialists work closely with the Children’s Health Andrews Institute rehabilitative therapy team to help injured athletes transition safely and effectively from rehab to performance training and competition. Performance training programs are modified as necessary to cater to specific injuries. Learn more about our rehabilitative services.
  • Elite sports training expertise: We offer a range of training equipment in a cutting-edge facility. But the true innovation in our program comes from how our sports performance specialists apply their experience and knowledge of working with elite professional athletes to advance youth athletes’ abilities.

EXOS Pillars of Sports Performance Excellence

Improving sports performance is about more than what happens in the weight room. In our programs, we address 4 important components to unleash an athlete’s full potential:

  • Mindset: Mindset is the lens through which we view life’s experiences and includes our attitudes and beliefs.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is fuel for the brain and body and can optimize performance. Learn more about our Sports Nutrition program.
  • Movement: Movement is not only the quantity of movement, but the quality. It’s about training smarter, not necessarily harder.
  • Recovery:  Recovery is so much more than just sleep or stretching. It allows the body to regenerate, re-energize, and prepare for the next challenge.

Youth Sports Performance Training Programs

Whether 7 or 17, a youth athlete can’t exceed athletic expectations if he or she isn’t moving properly. With long-term development in mind, our sports performance model starts by ensuring a solid foundation of fundamental movement skills and caters a program to individual needs.

Evaluating sports performance: When assessing youth athletes’ abilities and needs, we start by asking fundamental questions, such as:

  • Does an athlete know how to squat appropriately?
  • Does he or she have stability in the hips and strength in the core?
  • Does an athlete have the ability to move forward and back, left and right?
  • Can he or she throw an object appropriately?

Age-appropriate sports performance training: After evaluating an athlete’s abilities and needs, we create individualized sports performance programs to advance skills in small group or team settings. Our sports performance specialists work with children and adolescents ages:

  • 7 to 9: For the youngest of athletes, our programs are founded on fun and fostering athletic interest.
  • 10 to 13: For middle school athletes, we work to ensure a solid foundation of movement skills and build on athletic abilities.
  • 14 to 18: We help high school athletes achieve more advanced athletic performance and improve the chances of competing at the collegiate level, if desired.
  • 18 to 22: Our specialists offer expert performance training systems to help college-aged athletes maximize their full athletic potential while ensuring their ability to compete at an elite level.

Sports Performance Camps: Led by our elite performance experts, our summer camps provide an invaluable training experience through athletic drills and exercises, nutrition education, and improvements in overall performance. Learn more about our upcoming camps and register today.

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