Sports Performance Nutrition Services

Sports Performance Nutrition Services

Guiding young athletes how to eat and hydrate with strategic nutrition plans designed to improve their sports performance.

Serious athletes know the importance of fueling their body the right way. Nutrition is a key component of sports performance, which is why Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute Sports Performance powered by EXOS offers a range of expert nutrition counseling. Our sports dietitian offers research-based and tailored nutrition counseling in one-on-one and group settings.

One-on-one nutrition counseling

Our sports dietitian provides individualized counseling to athletes looking for answers to nutrition-related questions. These one-hour sessions are tailored to individual needs but may include:

  • Assessing dietary habits, goals and nutritional needs
  • Developing an individualized meal builder, which offers specific meal plan and serving size recommendations
  • Sports-specific nutrition education, including how nutrition may affect sports injuries
  • Body composition testing, for athletes ages 18 and older

Tailored nutrition counseling for groups

Our sports dietitian educates the greater Dallas-Fort Worth community on sports nutrition topics through group chats offered to:

  • Sports teams
  • Youth groups
  • Community organizations
  • Schools

Sessions are personalized to each group’s age, sport and athletic needs.