Fracture Care

Fracture Care


Depending on the type and location of a fracture (a cracked or broken bone), your doctor may recommend either non-operative treatments (such as a cast) or surgery. Thankfully, most fractures in children and teenagers are treated effectively without surgery. Our experts, trained in the intricacies of growing bones, work with you and your child to make the right call.

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Fracture Care?

Children’s Health Andrews Institute provides pediatric-focused nonsurgical and surgical care for a wide range of fractures, from wrist fractures to lower extremity injuries. Parents choose us for fracture care because we offer:

  • Pediatric-trained physician team: “Will a fracture affect my child’s growth?” This is a common question parents ask when their child or teen suffers a fracture. Many fractures heal on their own. With pediatric-specific training, our physicians can avoid unnecessary surgeries. During evaluation, we also consider how any injury or treatment might affect a child’s growth plates. We use research-based techniques to best care for growing bones.
  • Quick access to complete care: Our scheduling team prioritizes urgent care situations, often seeing you within 24 hours. With imaging services such as digital X-rays and advanced MRI on-site, our pediatric orthopedic specialists can often evaluate, diagnose and sometimes even treat fractures in the same appointment, at one location.

Common Fractures We Treat

Whether it’s from a sports-related injury, a playground fall or another mishap, our pediatric orthopedic surgery team treats the full range of arm and leg fractures.

Common fractures we treat include those of the:

  • Forearm
  • Wrist
  • Lower extremities
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
  • Clavicle
  • Humerus

Fracture Care: Nonsurgical Treatments

Often, we can treat fractures effectively without surgery. We offer:

  • Waterproof casting: We’re one of the only area providers to offer a waterproof casting option, which allows children to completely soak the cast or even swim with it.
  • Braces and orthotics: We also offer other nonsurgical treatments, including braces and different orthotics that effectively treat certain fractures.
  • On-site cast room for fracture manipulations: With our own “cast room” in the clinic, our specialists can gently manipulate select fractures while applying the cast. This can save a trip to the operating room. We also have easy access to a procedure room nearby for closed reductions, or setting a bone without surgery. By performing them in a controlled environment, we increase safety and can save families a trip to the ER or operating room.

Fracture Care: Safe and Effective Surgery

After a child sustains a fracture, our orthopedic physicians consider multiple factors when deciding whether or not to perform surgery.

If we determine that surgery is necessary, our team uses the most advanced and up-to-date methods to safely and effectively treat fractures. That includes:

  • A child-focused facility: All surgeries are performed at Children’s Medical Center Plano, a pediatric hospital with advanced technology and expert care professionals. We understand the unique needs of children’s growing bodies and ensure a safe procedure. Children’s Medical Center Plano is located on the same campus as Children’s Health Andrews Institute, so you don’t have to travel far.
  • Safe sedation: During your child’s surgery, specially trained pediatric anesthesiologists employ safe sedation techniques for children, keeping them calm and pain-free.
  • Increased comfort: Comfort is key, especially for younger children who may get anxious in an unfamiliar environment. From a visit with the hospital’s own golden retriever to toys and video games, the skilled and compassionate pediatric care team uses techniques to distract and decrease children’s anxiety.

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