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Pediatric Radiology (X-ray)

Imaging Center


The Pediatric Radiology Department at Children’s Health is recognized for excellence in imaging and evaluating a broad spectrum of childhood diseases and conditions. This is important, as children have different disease processes and problems than adults. We provide a full range of radiology services for the smallest, most fragile of newborns to children and teenagers. 

Our pediatric radiologists have specialized training unequaled in north Texas and surrounding states in diagnosing and treating infants, children and adolescents in a full range of conditions.  Our radiologists have subspecialty training and formal certification in pediatric radiology which provides a unique level of experience. 

The Radiology Department provides a full range of diagnostic and interventional radiology services.

  • Diagnostic radiology is used to get detailed pictures of the inside the body to assist with evaluation and diagnosis of medical conditions.
  • Interventional radiology uses image guidance to precisely deliver medication to an area of the body or perform minimally invasive procedures such as placement of feeding tubes, drainage tubes or catheters; biopsies; sclerotherapy; angiography and to treat certain conditions inside the body without open surgery.


Most routine exams are performed without anesthesia. However, for patients whose age, medical condition or disability makes it difficult for them to remain still for the exam, our pediatric anesthesiologists are available at all times.


All radiology tests and procedures must be ordered by your child's provider.