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Texas fosters big ambitions—we’re here to help you reach them. Located in the heart of youth sports country, Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is the only comprehensive facility in the region focusing on the sports medicine and orthopedic needs of young athletes and non-athletes. When life throws you a curveball, we get your child back to the action, in a safe and healthy way.

Sports Medicine at Children’s Health Andrews Institute: Our Approach

Located on our Plano campus, Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers families in North Texas and beyond an all-inclusive healthcare destination for a range of sports medicine needs and orthopedic conditions.

Our facility combines the best of two leaders in orthopedic sports medicine and pediatric care:

  • Andrews Institute: Founded by renowned orthopedic sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the Andrews Institute leads the world in treating orthopedic and sports medicine injuries utilizing the latest advances in orthopedic care. Dr. Andrews has a passion for the prevention and treatment of youth sports injuries.
  • Children’s Health: Children’s Health is widely known and respected for treatments and research within pediatric health care. Children’s Medical Center Plano offers expert care for a range of common to complex pediatric conditions and has grown into a full service hospital offering expert care for the emerging North Texas market.
  • Our approach to care: We provide expert care from a dedicated team of specialists emphasizing early access and intervention to reach the best outcome. We get your child an accurate diagnosis—quickly— and initiate a plan of care to expedite the recovery process, with an emphasis on a full return to activities. We provide families with all these services, in one place.
  • Our services: Our center offers a wide range of programs that treat common and complex sports medicine and orthopedic care needs, including
    • Comprehensive sports concussion treatment
    • Fracture care, with immediate access through Children’s Health Andrews Institute or the Children’s Medical Center Plano emergency room
    • Spine care, including complex scoliosis treatments
    • Sports injury care
    • Cartilage Center from leaders in the field of treating cartilage damage in young populations
    • Congenital pediatric orthopedic problems

Why Choose Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Sports Medicine?

Whether your child is sidelined by a sports injury or unexplained knee pain, we know everyone wants to get back to being active. Our job is to provide the best care so children and teens can resume their busy schedules as soon as possible. Families turn to Children’s Health Andrews Institute because we offer:

  • Quick and convenient care: If your child has been injured, we know you want answers—now. At Children’s Health Andrews Institute, there’s no such thing as a full schedule. We prioritize getting patients in fast, within 24 hours, often the same day, for acute injuries and 48 hours otherwise. Once you’re here, our advanced diagnostic imaging, such as an on-site MRI, means faster diagnosis and a smoother recovery.
  • Highly skilled physicians and surgeons: Our patients are at the top of their game. We are, too. Our specialists pursue and lead regular continuing education and research efforts in the industry, so you can be confident we are providing you with the latest evidence-based treatments and medical advances.
  • Comprehensive team approach to care: Our experts work together to ensure the best outcome for your child. Specialists from different fields of medicine share their expertise to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your child. Our sports medicine services involve more than just orthopedic care. For example, for complex cardiac care and prevention of sudden cardiac death in youth sports, we partner with heart experts at UT Southwestern. Learn more about our sports cardiology program.
  • Full return to activity and function: A focus on sports performance and injury prevention powered by EXOS sports performance allows our patients and clients to make a full return to activities. Proper training helps prevent injuries and improve performance. Through a partnership with EXOS, our sports performance specialists use strength and conditioning science to help patients understand movement and dynamic and functional abilities. This understanding helps patients avoid injury and perform at a high level.

Sports Medicine: Our Team

Your child is in skilled and compassionate hands at our center. We provide the full spectrum of services for the whole child, taking into consideration every aspect of their care. Our team includes:

  • 5 orthopedic surgeons, each with specialized training, including sports medicine, pediatrics and spine care
  • Primary care sports medicine provider with expert knowledge in concussion treatment, non-operative musculoskeletal sports medicine and dance medicine
  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants with expertise in pediatric orthopedics led by our experienced physicians
  • Access to physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians
  • Neurologists via close collaboration with UT Southwestern 
  • Physical therapists specializing in advanced sports medicine, concussion and return to play methodology
  • Certified Athletic Trainers, working in physicians’ offices, community outreach programs and the rehabilitation centers
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialists from EXOS
  • Sports dietitian and nutritionist from EXOS

Sports Medicine Services

Children’s Health Andrews Institute offers specialized programs that provide a range of orthopedic treatments and sports medicine offerings. Find out more about:

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