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The Pediatric Urology program at Children’s Health℠ consist of UT Southwestern physicians, which are actively involved in finding ways to improve the urologic care of children and are nationally respected and sought after experts in pediatric urology.

Expertise and Experience

Whether your child has a common condition such as bedwetting or an undescended testis or has a rare, complex condition requiring a complex surgery, our team is experienced and ready to help.  We care for more than 9,500 children per year and our surgeons perform around 1,825 operations per year.  Children with common or complex conditions are referred to us for our clinical expertise in all aspects of pediatric urology.


The urology team has outpatient clinics in several locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to serve you.  

Children’s Medical Centers

    Dallas                          Plano


Specialty Centers

   Dallas                        Park Cities                   Plano                          Rockwall                  




Specialized Care

The Department of Urology has several programs dedicated to providing comprehensive care for children with urologic conditions.  We have specialty programs for voiding dysfunction, male genital anomalies, kidney stones, anomalies detected prenatally, neurogenic bladder, disorders of sex development, and vaginal reconstruction to name a few.  Our outpatient clinics are specialized for urologic care and several procedures to evaluate bladder function can be performed in our clinics.

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery uses small incisions (less than 1 cm) and telescopes to perform surgeries that previously had been performed with larger incisions.  The benefits generally include smaller scars, less pain, and quicker recovery.   Robotic surgery is also minimally invasive surgery but uses a surgical robot that allows surgeons to perform more complex surgeries.  Our innovative minimally invasive and robotic surgery program is one of the largest and busiest programs in pediatric urology in the country.  In addition, our program is the only one to offer robotic surgery for children in the Dallas Fort Worth area.