Pediatric Cloacal Anomaly

What is Pediatric Cloacal Anomaly?

A cloacal anomaly is when the urinary tract, rectum and vagina develop together and form only one opening. This can occur while a baby is still developing in a mother's womb. 

What is a cloaca?

The cloaca is a tube-like structure that serves as a single vessel for the urinary tract, rectum and vagina to empty into during the early stages of a baby girl’s development. 

How is Pediatric Cloacal Anomaly diagnosed?

Cloacal anomalies are typically diagnosed right after birth, as the baby girl requires immediate treatment to help eliminate urine and stool. Cloacal anomalies can sometimes be spotted on prenatal ultrasounds.

What are the causes of Pediatric Cloacal Anomaly?

During the normal growth process, the baby’s urinary tract, rectum and vagina all separate to form their own openings. A cloacal anomaly occurs when these three openings fail to form, resulting in just one opening when the child is born.

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