Prenatal Care for Urological Conditions

Prenatal Care for Urological Conditions

The only multidisciplinary center in the region providing maternal, fetal and neonatal care

Finding out that your child may be born with a condition that may require surgery can be stressful. The pediatric urology team at Children’s Health℠ provides the information and support you need to make the best decisions for your child’s health. 

Many urologic conditions are diagnosed before your baby is born. Prenatal ultrasound can identify congenital (from birth) abnormalities, including urologic problems that happen during fetal development. We offer treatment and counseling for every type of congenital urologic disorder, including common conditions such as hydronephrosis as well as more rare and complex conditions. 

Through The Fetal Evaluation and Treatment Alliance (FETAL) Center at Children’s Health, we provide exceptional maternal, fetal and neonatal care to families faced with the challenge of a high-risk pregnancy. Our multidisciplinary program gives you the resources you need by combining the expertise of Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists with the appropriate pediatric specialist, including pediatric urologists and nephrologists.


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Comprehensive care for urologic conditions identified before birth

If your baby is diagnosed with a urinary or genital condition, we are here to support you throughout your pregnancy and after birth. Our robust care model incudes counseling and support for parents and families, as well as expert medical and surgical care for your child. 

At your visit, we will review prenatal imaging findings and discuss the possible causes for the findings as well as implications after birth.  We work with you to create a management and treatment plan based on your child’s specific condition and needs.  Recommendations may include:

  • A plan to deliver at a hospital close to intervention specialists
  • Additional imaging before birth
  • Imaging after birth
  • Interventions, including surgery, after birth
  • Prenatal interventions (rarely)

From common urologic problems to complex conditions, we provide expert, coordinated care to help your child. 

Leading the way in fetal medicine research

Every day new discoveries are helping to advance the way we treat patients. This is especially true in fetal medicine, where early detection through prenatal ultrasound and other diagnostic techniques are enabling us to provide earlier and more advanced treatments. 

Our research scientists, genetic specialists, and pediatric urology specialists consistently seek out the latest research developments and translate these innovations directly into providing the best possible care for our smallest patients. 

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