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Pediatric Video Urodynamic Study (VUDS)

What is Pediatric Video Urodynamic Study (VUDS)?

A video urodynamic study (VUDS) provides a comprehensive evaluation of bladder function. The study helps our team understand the way your child's bladder fills and empties.

What can I expect during a Pediatric Video Urodynamic Study (VUDS)?

Small catheters, to measure pressure, are placed in the bladder and rectum. Sticker-like electrodes are applied to your child’s bottom area to measure the sphincter function.

The bladder is slowly filled with a contrast liquid that shows up on X-rays. Periodic X-rays are taken to get a picture of the bladder. Once the bladder is full, your child will urinate and the rate of urine flow and degree of bladder emptying will be assessed.

Pediatric Video Urodynamic Study (VUDS) Doctors and Providers