Pediatric Bedwetting and Urinary Incontinence

Pediatric Bedwetting and Urinary Incontinence

Voiding Improvement Program

The first and only place in North Texas for biofeedback for bedwetting and incontinence

The Voiding Improvement Program at Children’s Health℠ offers management and treatment options for voiding dysfunction, from simple cases of bedwetting to more complex cases, including painful voiding (dysuria) and daytime wetting, also called incontinence.

Generally, bedwetting in children under age 6 is not a cause for concern and is a normal part of developing overnight bladder control. Of course daytime wetting can be very stressful for children and their families. Our experienced team of pediatric urologists, nurse practitioners and nurses provide compassionate care and comprehensive evaluation to determine why your child has voiding problems.


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Precise biofeedback for successful bladder control

In many cases, minimally invasive options, such as behavior modification, can be used to help your child overcome daytime incontinence. Our nurses are specially trained to use biofeedback to analyze your child’s specific needs and to help your child learn how to relax the pelvic muscles and empty the bladder completely.

Whether your child’s voiding dysfunction is due to a physical, behavioral or an acquired problem, we will address your concerns and work with you to create an effective, individualized treatment plan.

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