Pediatric Spina Bifida and Neurogenic Bladder Center

Pediatric Spina Bifida and Neurogenic Bladder Center

Prenatal to adults, we are the go-to experts in spina bifida care in North Texas

If your child is diagnosed with spina bifida in utero, you may feel overwhelmed. We are by your side with a path forward and answers to your many questions.

Children’s Health℠ is one of the few hospitals that performs special types of surgery while a fetus is still in the womb. Doctors can repair birth defects while the baby is still attached to the umbilical cord, then return the fetus to the mother’s womb.

Treatments range from oral medication and assistive devices to bladder training and surgery. The UT Southwestern physicians and nurses practicing at Children’s Health have the experience and the resources to help manage even the most severe diagnosis.


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Compassionate care to restore independence for children with spina bifida

The Spina Bifida and Neurogenic Bladder Program at Children’s Health℠, in partnership with Scottish Rite for Children, helps children and adults with spina bifida manage neurogenic bladder. We will develop a treatment plan that focuses on bladder health and protecting a child’s kidneys. Our caring team will also help your child achieve independence to set and reach goals as they grow into adulthood.

Spina bifida is a lifelong condition, but one that can be managed with the empowering help of our robust team. We offer clinical transitional services, giving boys and girls resources to navigate childhood and grow to adulthood. This continuous care helps protect bladder and kidney health throughout their lifetime.

The first and only place in North Texas to perform pediatric urodynamic testing

Our pediatric urologists were the first in the region to offer urodynamic testing to help establish bladder compliance. Urodynamic testing enables us to measure how much the bladder can hold and at what pressure voiding is necessary. This is important for bladder and kidney health, as well as long-term survival in children and adults with spina bifida and other causes of neurogenic bladder.

Our team includes pediatric urologists, nurses, dietitians and child psychologists to help your child thrive. Spina bifida is a complex condition, but one that a multidisciplinary team can help you manage.

Contact the caring and compassionate team at Children’s Health to learn more about how we can help your child achieve independence.

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