Persistent Genitourinary Sinus

Persistent genitourinary sinus means that a female baby is born with a single opening for the vagina and urethra (tube through which urine leaves the body).


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What is Persistent Genitourinary Sinus?

During fetal development, the urinary and reproductive tracts typically separate, so female babies have separate openings for the vagina and the urethra (tube through which urine leaves the body). When this separation does not occur, the baby has persistent genitourinary sinus.

What are the different types of Persistent Genitourinary Sinus?

There are two types of this condition:

High confluence genitourinary sinus

This single opening is long, so the urethral (urine) opening is inside the body and the vagina is shorter than usual. In some cases, the anus is located too far forward.

Low confluence genitourinary sinus

The single opening is short, and the vagina is almost normal in length. The baby’s urethral (urine) opening is close to its normal location.

What are the signs and symptoms of Persistent Genitourinary Sinus?

  • An unusual appearance of the vaginal and urethral openings
  • Inability to urinate normally and require help emptying the bladder

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