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Pediatric Female Genital Reconstruction

Pediatric Female Genital Reconstruction

Female Genital and Vaginal Reconstruction Program

The only hospital in North Texas providing pediatric female genital and vaginal surgical reconstruction

If your daughter is born with a congenital anomaly of the female sex organs, she may have an enlarged clitoris and fused labia. On the outside, she may look more like a male, even though she is distinctly female with a uterus and ovaries.

As a parent, your concern may be twofold: Will my child have full urinary and sexual function, and will my child’s body look “normal”? Surgical reconstruction and early intervention can help reestablish function and restore appearance so your daughter can experience normal menstrual, sexual and reproductive health.

The UT Southwestern urologists practicing at Children’s Health℠ specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of congenital anomalies, including female genital and vaginal reconstruction. Our experience includes reconstruction of the most complex urinary and genital anomalies in children from birth to young adulthood. 


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Expert treatment to restore normal function and appearance of female genitalia

Female internal and external genitalia develop long before a child is born when a complex cascade of hormonal signals and events occur. Normally, two paired structures called the Mullerian ducts fuse to form the uterus, cervix and top of the vagina. If this process is disrupted at any point, or if the correct amounts of hormones are not present, anomalies can occur. In addition, if there is an excess production of male hormones, such as with classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia, the female external genitalia may include an enlarged clitoris and fused labia. 

The experienced pediatric urology team at Children’s Health has extensive background and specialized training in identifying and treating a wide range of female urinary and genital conditions. Our goal is to answer your questions and provide support that helps you understand your child’s treatment. We offer complete reconstructive surgery options, including vaginoplasty, to restore the normal function and appearance of the vagina. 

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