Pediatric Epilepsy Center

Pediatric Epilepsy Center

Designated as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, we provide the highest level of treatment for the most complex cases of pediatric epilepsy.

Children’s Health℠ is dedicated to making life better for children afflicted with complex conditions that require optimal care – such as epilepsy. We’ve established a comprehensive center designed to meet your child’s needs and address your parental concerns.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects your child’s neurons (nerve cells), causing these brain information carriers to fire unexpectedly, which can lead to seizures.This disorder also can affect your entire family. That’s why we’ve invested so much time, effort and resources toward epilepsy treatment and management. Our comprehensive Epilepsy Center offers the largest regional pediatric epilepsy program.

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Our care team is with you and your child at every step

Our experienced registered technologists, nurses and pediatric epilepsy specialists are trained to work with a wide variety of pediatric neurological patients.

Treatments and Services

Our program—and its specialists and supportive staff—provide a full range of epilepsy care needs including:

  • Care and education after a first seizure
  • Second opinions for complicated epilepsy
  • Epilepsy surgical evaluations
  • Full range of epilepsy surgery options
  • Ketogenic diet therapy
  • Vagus nerve stimulation
  • Access to latest treatments and experimental trials
  • Treatment with antiepileptic medications (current and investigational)
  • ROSA (Robotic Stereotactic Assistance) 
  • SEEG (Stereoelectroencephalography)

A Team Approach to Care

We embrace a multidisciplinary approach, with specialists collaborating on a full range of epilepsy care needs. The Center provides the most advanced procedures, including focal resection, hemispherotomy, laser surgical procedures, and vagal nerve stimulation, among many others. No matter the treatment regimen, our care team will be with you and your child at every step – offering surgical evaluations and advanced procedures, as well as education about management elements such as diet therapy and medications. Pediatric epilepsy specialists are supported by registered technologists and nurses trained to work with a variety of pediatric patients.

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