Expert Care for Children With Conditions That Affect Brain Function

Expert Care for Children With Conditions That Affect Brain Function

Pediatric Neuropsychology Program

We assess and diagnose conditions related to brain function so your child gets the care they need to succeed in school and beyond, with services available in English and Spanish.

Our neuropsychology team supports children with conditions that affect their brain function and brain development. Children's Health℠ is home to one of the largest neuropsychology programs in Texas, with team members known nationally and internationally for their research and contributions to the field.

We use advanced testing to understand what’s going on in your child’s brain and how that might affect their thinking skills (such as attention and memory), emotions, and behavior. Then we create custom care plans to help children address challenges and succeed in school and social situations. As your child grows, their care plan evolves with them.

Skilled, experienced Neuropsychology evaluations

We tailor our evaluation approach to your child based on their age, medical condition, symptoms and needs. Through the process, we work hard to earn your child’s trust. We offer evaluations in Dallas and Plano, with a comfortable waiting area for families during what can be a long process.

After reviewing your child’s medical record and other background, we design an evaluation that may include:

  • Intake interview with parents and child (depending on age), where we ask about your child’s background, symptoms, behavior and challenges
  • Clinical interviews and consultation with your child’s medical team
  • Discussions with your child’s teachers to get more information
  • Complete testing using a set of standardized assessments determined by your child’s needs (may be given on one or more days)
  • Reports to you about your child’s results and suggestions for a treatment plan

Treatment planning recommendations

The focus of evaluation is to develop a treatment plan that thoroughly outlines recommendations for your child’s success. Along the way, we translate clinical terms into clear language that’s understandable for you and your child. And as children mature, we support them in taking charge of their own health as they transition to adult care.

Your child’s treatment plan may include referrals to:

Support to help your child succeed in school

Many of our pediatric neuropsychologists are specially trained in school psychology. Our entire team is skilled at writing recommendations tailored to the school and classroom environment. We have a deep knowledge of federal laws that protect students with disabilities. As a result, our team communicates what your child needs and how their school can deliver it – even for uncommon conditions that the school has never encountered.

We also have in-depth understanding of how legal requirements translate to vocational settings and higher education. As your child reaches adulthood, we help you prepare for the transition and understand services available to them.

Pediatric Neuropsychology care integrated with medical treatment

We consult with medical specialty programs throughout Children’s Medical Center to determine whether a child needs a neuropsychological evaluation or intervention. Team members work with your child’s other doctors in specialty programs for:

As your child grows and develops, their condition and needs may change. Medical conditions may ease, become more severe, or go away and come back. We track children’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills over time and often see children every one to three years, depending on their situation. If your child has a change in medical status, we make ourselves available sooner.

Our Pediatric Neuropsychology research

At Children’s Health, you work with experts who are engaged in cutting-edge research across their areas of specialization. When your child’s clinician is also a researcher, your family has access to the latest knowledge and understanding of a certain condition or problem. Many of our team members are known nationally and internationally for their work.

Recent research highlights include:

  • Telehealth in pediatric neuropsychology: Even before COVID-19 made telehealth a part of our daily lives, our team completed a study of telehealth assessments in pediatric neuropsychology. The study found that assessments via telehealth deliver accurate results for children.
  • Genetic and imaging studies: Children’s Health teams have access to UT Southwestern Medical Center’s 7-Tesla MRI (the only one in the Southwest). Using this technology – one of the most advanced MRI scans available – we can see detailed brain scans to learn more about multiple sclerosis in children.

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