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Conditions and Programs

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Mood Disorders & General Psychiatry

The Children's Health℠ mood disorders program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment through clinicians at our Center and at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The program provides care for children and adolescents, particularly those suffering from depression or who are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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Eating Disorder Services

Eating disorders are characterized by unhealthy approaches to eating, weight and exercise. But they are more than a refusal to eat healthy; eating disorders are complex psychiatric disorders. If your child has an eating disorder, she also might have problems with self-image, self-esteem and even depression.

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Medical Psychiatric Co-Morbidities

Children’s Health℠ Dallas is the only facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that treats medically ill children and adolescents who also have psychiatric disorders.

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Psychology and Neuropsychology

At CADD, the conditions for which we provide services can impair the development of the brain and central nervous system, often affecting behavior and learning.

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Suicide Prevention And Resilience in Children (SPARC)

According to the Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the second leading cause of death for children, adolescents and young adults between ages 10 and 24. Children’s Health℠ Dallas offers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for youth with suicidal behaviors.

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Teen Recovery Program

Teens and their families are often affected by the damaging effects of mental health issues and substance abuse. To help teens, ages 12-17, with these co-occurring disorders, Children’s Health created the Teen Recovery Program that addresses both mental health and substance abuse issues.