Teen Recovery Program for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

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Teen Recovery Program for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The only program in North Texas offering an intensive outpatient level of care specifically designed for teens.

Teens and their families are often affected by the damaging effects of mental health issues and substance abuse. To help teens, ages 13-17, with these co-occurring disorders, Children’s Health™ created the Teen Recovery Program that addresses both mental health and substance abuse issues.

Our program focuses on the whole child, with the ultimate goals of abstinence, improved mental health and better family relationships. An expert team is led by Dr. David Atkinson, a full-time psychiatrist who is dually board certified in child adolescent psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. His addiction fellowship training at Mayo Clinic helped him understand the addiction treatment process and its connection to many teens’ mental health issues.

We incorporate medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, group and individual therapy, and family engagement to help your child gain valuable coping skills to end drug abuse, as well as manage emotional or psychological problems.

All of this is available right here in Dallas — so your child can stay at home and in school throughout treatment.

A different kind of rehab program

Most outpatient rehabilitation programs work with teens primarily in a group setting, with less individualized treatment. Children’s Health is different. Our intensive outpatient program starts with individual and family sessions, allowing your teen to build up to the second phase of treatment, which then incorporates their new found motivation and education into our group setting. We also offer a comprehensive follow-up program after treatment, where your teen will receive support from the same caring staff they have grown to trust throughout their therapy.

Uniquely suited to teens

At Children’s Health, we understand that teen problems are different than adult problems. Your teen is dealing with issues such as fitting in, planning for the future, conflicts with parents and finding their identity. Because we are devoted to working with teens only, our program focuses on the issues that teens deal with in their everyday lives.

Oftentimes, when teens seek care for psychiatric symptoms, the treatment does not address the substance use. Our Teen Recovery Program helps any teen that is using or abusing substances and has emotional problems or challenges.

We offer flexible programming and a curriculum focused on fully integrated behavioral and mental health that also treats substance use. Through our program, your child will develop new coping skills and learn to address triggers and stressors as they continue their normal routine at home and school. Every aspect of your child’s treatment is designed to meet their specific needs and all substance abuse treatment is individualized to meet the needs of each patient.

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