Teen Recovery Program

Teen Recovery Program

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

The program is the only one of its kind in North Texas and offers hope for teens and families navigating the complexities of substance use and mental health issues.

If your teen is struggling, they're not alone. Substance use and behavioral or mental health issues have a big impact on many teens and their families. We built our Teen Recovery Program to serve teens ages 13-17, helping them take on their challenges and improve family relationships in the process. 

Our specialized team uses the latest evidence-based therapies and approaches to help teens live healthy, fulfilling lives. We’re located in Dallas and offer outpatient services, so your child can stay at home and in school during treatment.

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Tailored treatments that match your teen’s needs

Over the course of about 15 weeks, we use a variety of therapies to help teens stop using substances and improve their mental health. Our program includes: 

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): IOP includes group therapy that meets two times a week and a five-week multifamily group meeting that includes parents and their teens. We offer outpatient psychiatry and therapy services for your child and your whole family. Our goal is to give patients and families the support and resources they need to live healthy, successful lives.
My counselor and the recovery team showed me how to live a life without drugs or alcohol.
Former patient
  • Psychiatry: Our psychiatrist is trained in child and adolescent psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. Care for your teen starts with a comprehensive evaluation to understand your child’s unique condition and needs. Then we’ll choose the therapy that can help them the most.
  • Drug testing: Regular drug testing is performed in the clinic to monitor and encourage progress, or to identify drug use so the teen’s needs can be addressed quickly.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This goal-oriented therapy helps your teen express and understand their feelings and cope with difficult emotions. We also help them replace negative behaviors (such as using substances) with positive ones (like sports or art).
  • Motivational enhancement therapy: This therapy aims to help teens motivate themselves to change their behavior. It’s a much faster approach than traditional, 12-step programs. Geared for youth who are using drugs, motivational enhancement sessions are used to help us create a plan for positive change with your teen’s input on what encourages them.
  • Contingency management: Also known as “motivational incentives,” this evidence-based treatment provides incentives to your teen for desired results, such as clean drug tests.

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Expert care for teen substance abuse and mental health issues

Our expert team is led by David Atkinson, M.D., who is board certified in both child adolescent psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. He is one of only a handful of doctors in the country with both of these certifications, and all of our therapists are skilled in treating both mental health and substance-use concerns in adolescents.

We understand teens

Our program was built for teens. This is important because we understand their specific motivations. Adults are typically motivated to join rehab programs because they want to get their life together. Teens often join programs because they want “their parents off their back.” Since we specialize in working with teens, we understand what motivates them to get started on a healthier path.

Fostering family relationships

Don’t be alarmed if you feel hostility and tension between you and your teen when you come to see us. Through family therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions, we can help open up the lines of communication and start the healing process.
We also offer a free parent support group, led by one of our providers. This is a chance for you to connect with other families and learn from each other's experiences.

Long-term support

After your teen successfully completes our program, we continue to support your family when you need us. We have many patients who check in with us occasionally, long after they’re done with the program. We are always here to provide support and referrals if needed.

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