Treatment program and curriculum

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Our teen substance abuse and mental health treatment program is led by Dr. David Atkinson, a full-time psychiatrist who is dually board certified in child and adolescent psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. In addition, all our therapists are master’s level clinicians, specially trained, with years of mental health and substance abuse experience.

We follow an evidence-based clinical curriculum, which means you can be sure that our methods have been shown to make a significant impact in the lives of teens that suffer from substance abuse and mental illness.

Treating all teens for all types of substance abuse

We treat all teens who suffer from substance abuse and mental health problems. Every one of our patients is evaluated on a case-by-case basis so we can provide personalized care.

No matter which type of substance is used or abused, it can have a negative effect on your teen’s future. We offer treatment for all types of substance abuse, tailoring our treatment approach to your teen. This includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription medication abuse

Treatment program

Our treatment program includes:

  • A multi-session evaluation with a licensed clinical therapist and the medical director
  • An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that meets three times per week for five weeks, while continuing individual and family therapy for the patient.
  • Ongoing support for your teen and family after IOP completion

At the core of our substance abuse treatment is:

  • Motivational enhancement therapy. This is a type of therapy that involves rapid and self-motivated change, rather than a slow, guided, 12-step process.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a type of goal-oriented therapy that helps your teen replace negative behaviors with positive ones.
  • Medication management. Medications are available to address specific medical problems, if needed.

Treatment curriculum

Treatment is broken down into phases, which include:

  • Phase 1 - This phase includes only individual and family sessions and lasts for two to four weeks, depending on your teens readiness to address substance abuse or behavioral concerns.
  • Phase 2 - This phase includes intensive outpatient therapy in the form of group sessions. Group sessions focus on learning skills such as:
    • How to manage anger and express emotion.
    • How to cope with difficult situations without the use of substances
    • How to be socially appropriate with peers and friends without having to use drugs and alcohol.

      The groups are held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 5 pm – 8 pm and will last five weeks. Families are encouraged to attend group with their teen each Thursday to participate in multi-family education and group therapy. Individual and family therapy continues during this phase, as well as one-on-one time with Dr. Atkinson.
  • Phase 3 - This phase begins when your teen has shown progress by maintaining abstinence while gaining the necessary skills to continue on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Your teen will complete their IOP and be ready to transition out of the program. During this phase, plans are made for follow-up care after discharge from the program. Our goal is to stay in touch with your teen to offer support to stay on track and be available to answer any questions.

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