Get Up & Go

Get Up & Go

Build healthy habits with your children that will last a lifetime

Get Up & Go by Children’s Health℠ offers a wide range of programs and services to empower families in making lasting healthy lifestyle changes. Whether it’s learning healthy food choices along with fun games and exercises or cooking delicious meals and planting and growing the food you eat, our programs have the resources you need to kickstart healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


Engaging programs for the whole family

Our Get Up & Go programs take advantage of children’s natural curiosity and energy by presenting engaging and entertaining content that makes it exciting to lead healthy and active lives. We use easy-to-understand language and terms that appeal to children. Our goal is to create a fun and educational environment for the entire family to learn about healthy lifestyles.

  • Weight Management Program- This free 10-week program takes a team approach to achieving a healthy weight, encouraging both children and their families to attend, set goals and learn together.
  • Developmental Differences Program A free program designed by physicians and registered dietitians that provides hands-on nutrition education for children with special needs, along with fun physical activities that get both kids and parents moving.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program This program helps children who are pre-disposed to getting diabetes or diagnosed with prediabetes establish healthy habits.
  • Teen Weight Loss SupportThis program supports teens and their families before or after weight loss surgery with the physical and mental resources that will help them kickstart a new lifestyle.
  • Family Cooking ProgramWith our hands-on cooking instruction, each week, children and their families will cook and eat healthy, delicious dishes that can easily be made at home.
  • Planting Healthy Habits Program- This program teaches your family that plants and humans need many of the same things to grow and be healthy.
  • Healthy Lifestyle After-School ProgramWe partner with schools to deliver nutrition education in after-school programs where children will learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like and participate in fun physical activity.


The program really meant a lot to me and my kids. My daughter now shows me what to buy in the store so she can eat healthy.
Ericka, patient mom