Teen Weight Loss Support

Teen Weight Loss Support

The Teen Weight Loss Support program was created just for teens. We’ll give your child tools to help them reach their health goals and build lifelong heathy habits - all from the comfort of your home.

Children’s Health℠ Get Up & Go Teen Weight Loss Support is a virtual program for teens and their families. In this seven-week program, teens meet 90 minutes each week to talk about and explore weight loss techniques. And to help with their success, they’ll get a free 14-week membership to the YMCA.

Empowering adolescents with the tools they need to succeed

Each week, teens set nutrition and activity goals with a registered dietitian and participate in supportive group discussions with a social worker. Teens learn healthier habits through class topics – like mindful eating, planning for success and meal planning – that help in their long-term success. Our goal is to help your teen lose weight – and keep it off for good.

Finding support and understanding together 

Weight loss can be an emotional and rewarding experience. Our clinicians answer your teen’s questions and help prepare them for the journey that will lead them to a healthier weight. Teens also have the chance to connect and share their feelings with others who are facing the same challenges.

The seven-week program covers:

  • Class 1: Orientation
  • Class 2: Self-monitoring
  • Class 3: Mindful eating
  • Class 4: Planning for success
  • Class 5: Grocery shopping
  • Class 6: Meal planning
  • Class 7: Graduation

Start preparing today

The Teen Weight Loss Support program is designed for teens 15-18 years old who have a BMI at or above the 120th percentile. Your teen’s primary doctor can help decide if they’re eligible.

Our program aims to help develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we encourage teens who have had bariatric surgery to join us.

Here’s how to enroll in the Teen Weight Loss Support program:

  • Visit your teen’s doctor and ask for a referral
  • Let your doctor know that they call 214-456-6312 for a referral form. 
  • Join your teen in the program (parent or guardian participation is strongly recommended, but not required)

For more information, please contact Ashley Kim at 214-456-1150 or Ashley.Kim@childrens.com. Space is limited.