Food Allergy

Food Allergy

The only academic-affiliated pediatric food allergy center in North Texas

Recent research shows that one in every 13 children in the United States has been diagnosed with a food allergy. With the diagnosis of food allergies in infants and children on the rise, the pediatric allergy and immunology experts at Children’s Health℠ can help. We serve as the only academic-affiliated pediatric food allergy center in North Texas. Through our association with UT Southwestern, we are the only institution in North Texas conducting instrumental, ground-breaking research to develop new therapies for children with food allergies.

We offer comprehensive testing, diagnosis and management for food allergies, including specialized care for children with multiple food allergies and peanut allergies, the most common childhood food allergy. Our physicians and staff are internationally recognized for their expertise in the field. We are able to offer participation in numerous clinical trials aimed at providing innovative care for your food allergic child and developing a better understanding of the underlying causes of food allergies. We also offer testing and care for other commonly co-existing allergic conditions including allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis and asthma.


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Treatments and Services

  • Allergen Laboratory Testing
  • Development and Maintenance of a Treatment Plan
  • Evaluation for Other Allergic Conditions, Including Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
  • Nutritional Evaluation and Consultation with a Registered Dietitian
  • Oral Food Challenges
  • Skin Prick Testing

Personalized dietary therapy and nutrition counseling 

Dietary therapy is focused on eliminating the triggers of your child’s food allergy symptoms. Our pediatric nutrition counselors are registered dietitians who provide personalized plans and support to help identify foods to avoid without compromising your child’s overall nutrition.

We can also help with support and resources for menu planning for your family and meal preparation to help avoid food allergens and cross-contamination.

Through food challenges, we can help your child reduce unnecessary food avoidance allowing the safe reintroduction of foods.
Christopher Parrish, M.D.

Groundbreaking results using food challenges

Our team is dedicated to helping your child discover which foods can be eaten safely. A food challenge is a way to test your child’s tolerance of specific foods. Through food challenges, we can help your child reduce unnecessary food avoidance and allow the safe reintroduction of foods. During a food challenge, we will introduce incremental doses of particular foods and monitor your child’s tolerance. We work closely with a registered dietitian and consult on your child’s overall nutrition plan. We also collaborate with your child’s pediatrician or primary care doctor to develop and maintain treatment plans.

Providing treatment for even the most severe food allergies

Should your child need auto-injectable epinephrine, medications or other treatments for food allergies, we can give you the resources you need to feel comfortable managing your child’s allergy. With several treatment options, we can help you avoid triggers and learn to respond appropriately when a trigger is encountered.

Finding answers through clinical trials

Through our close affiliation with UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, our Food Allergy Center is a hub for clinical research and clinical trials. Contact our clinical research coordinators for more information on open clinical trials:

View current clinical trials

The Food Allergy Center participates in numerous clinical trials. Participation for future studies is influenced by interest level. If you would like to be a part of a future clinical trial, please enter your information in the Food Allergy Center Clinical Trial database, and our staff may contact you if we have an applicable study.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to have a child living with a food allergy and we will work to find the source and offer treatment, management and support so you and your child can live fully and without fear. Contact us to make an appointment.

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