Allergy and Immunology

Allergy and Immunology

North Texas’ only academic-affiliated allergy program for children from birth to 18

The board-certified physicians practicing at Children’s Health℠ have an in-depth knowledge of evaluating and treating allergies and immunologic disorders. Our team offers specialized care to help you child and family cope with life-threatening or life-altering conditions caused by allergens or immune deficiency.

A Collaborative Approach to Your Child's Best Care 

  • The Food Allergy Program provides individualized care for peanut and other food allergies.
  • The Allergy Program offers testing and diagnosis for a comprehensive list of conditions, from nasal and sinus problems to allergies to bee stings.
  • The Immunology Program cares for children with immune system deficiencies such as DiGeorge Syndrome or common variable immunodeficiency (CVID).
When we met Dr. Bird, it was truly a life-changing appointment and an answer to prayer.
Heather, mom

Our Allergy and Immunology team collaborates with other UT Southwestern specialists to address other areas that may be affected by allergies. These specialties often include gastroenterology, ear, nose and throat (ENT), pulmonology and psychology.

Evidence-based treatments

Our treatments are evidence-based, meaning they are backed by research and clinical trials involving patients just like your child. As a major pediatric training hospital for UT Southwestern, the physicians who practice here drive advances in pediatric allergy. Your child may qualify for an open clinical trial, so please check back often to learn more about our current research.

Find an open clinical trial for your child

Once we have identified your child’s triggers, a wide variety of treatments are available, including anti-IgE therapy to stop IgE immune cells from starting the allergic process.

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