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Pediatric Tracheotomy


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What is a Pediatric Tracheotomy?

A tracheotomy is a surgical procedure that involves creating a hole in the patient's neck and trachea (windpipe) to help the patient breathe. A tube is usually placed through this opening to provide an airway and to remove secretions from the lungs. It is generally temporary but some patient's may need one long term, or even permanently.

What can I expect with a Pediatric Tracheotomy procedure?

The Pediatric Tracheostomy Clinic provides evaluation and surgical treatment for patients with salivary control disorders, commonly known as drooling. This disorder often affects children with cerebral palsy and other neurologic disorders. It also can negatively impact children and families' lives and, in some cases, results in recurrent pneumonias and hospitalizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs a tracheotomy procedure?

    A tracheotomy may be done if your child has an object blocking her airway or if he is unable to breathe on his own. It is also performed on children who have had severe injuries to the neck or mouth or who have had previous surgery on the larynx.