Complex Airway Clinic

Complex Airway Clinic

Expert care for your child’s tracheostomy needs

The Complex Airway Clinic at Children’s Health℠ provides personalized, ongoing care for all children with tracheostomy tubes. Our specially trained ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists have experience in pediatric tracheostomy and airway reconstructive surgeries.

When your child needs a tracheostomy tube to help manage an upper airway condition, they will have a procedure that involves inserting a tube into a surgically-created hole in their windpipe. The tube will help your child breathe better and keep the airway clear (or open).

If your child requires a tracheostomy tube for an extended period of time, our team will provide the resources and education you need to be an active participant in your child’s continued care. We also coordinate with local and regional pediatric pulmonologists to create a follow-up plan that meets your child’s unique needs.

Treatments and Services

Educational resources that help you manage your child’s care

Caring for a child who has undergone a tracheostomy can be a daunting task for anyone. You may have questions like, “How will my child eat?” and “Will my child be able to participate in normal childhood activities?” We are here to address your concerns and help you understand your child’s tracheostomy tube limitations and maintenance. Our approach ensures that your child gets the proper treatment while also keeping you informed and educated throughout the process.

We feature an education course designed to answer any questions you have about your child’s immediate and ongoing care. If you understand the basics but need a few reminders, our refresher course will help bring you up-to-date on all you need to know. We also offer community classes that you can recommend to help educate anyone who has regular contact with your child and others with tracheostomy needs.

Unmatched expertise in pediatric tracheostomy needs

We have the largest group of pediatric ENT doctors in North Texas, which means you have access to the most advanced care possible in a convenient location that’s close to home.

Our multidisciplinary approach gives you access to experts with specialized training and education who are focused on tracheostomy needs and maintenance. We work together to bring your child the most advanced care available today. You can be confident that your child is in good hands with our team.

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