Complex Swallowing Clinic

Complex Swallowing Clinic

Specialized clinic offers advanced care for children with swallowing disorders

The Complex Swallowing Clinic at Children’s Health℠ provides expert diagnosis and treatment solutions for children who have concerns of swallowing problems or have developed swallowing problems. Our otolaryngologists and speech therapists work together to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for your child.

When your child has a swallowing problem, it can cause problems with feeding that can lead to poor nutrition and failure to grow. Swallowing improperly can cause fluid to travel into your child’s lungs and create an infection or pneumonia. Many social issues are also linked with eating difficulties.

You will need a care team that is taking into account all of their physical and mental needs as well as working with your family to manage their condition. Our experienced team includes a wide range of specialists, including feeding experts, therapists and social workers to assist with any of the associated issues your child may be experiencing and set them on a path to better health.

Family-centered care offers solutions that work for your family

If your child has a swallowing disorder, we can recommend the best possible treatment options and a care plan that you can initiate at the Children’s Specialty Center Dallas or take back to your local therapist. We will walk you through every step of diagnosis and treatment, eliminating confusion so you can stay focused on what is important – the health of your child.

We minimize any disruption to your daily schedule by coordinating your child’s appointments to include many specialties at one time. Our facility is specially designed to meet the needs of children in a warm and caring environment.

Children are our only patients

Everything about our program is geared towards children. From the atmosphere and décor to the specialized training and expertise of our multidisciplinary team, our sole focus is on children and their continued health and well-being.

It is our goal to help children live successfully and manage the symptoms of their swallowing disorder. Our caring team will be with you and your child to answer questions and make sure that you have everything you need to restore and maintain their health.

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