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Asthma Medicines at School

In 2003 the State of Texas passed a law stating that students could carry their reliever asthma inhalers with them to school if the parents and child’s health care provider agree, and if both gave written permission.

With written permission, the student MUST be allowed to carry their asthma inhaler with them at school. This includes all school related events such as field trips, sporting events.

Talk with your child and their provider. If you and the provider agree your child is responsible enough to decide when they need their reliever inhaler and can show you good technique, your child should be allowed to carry their inhaler with them while at school.

The inhaler must have the pharmacy label on it. It is important to ask your pharmacist to place the label ON THE INHALER not on the box.

Download the
Authorization for Administration of Prescribed Inhaled Medication (PDF) form here.