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Asthma Programs


At Children's Health℠, we offer care for the entire spectrum of asthma, from our low risk services through Children's Health℠ Pediatric Group to our Joint Commission certified Asthma Management program.

Asthma Management Program

The Asthma Management Program is a 3-6 month education and care coordination program that works in partnership with the primary care physician’s management plans. The program supports the physician-patient relationship and plan of care through environmental assessment, patient and family education, and ongoing family contact and reinforcement. The Asthma Management Program adheres to the asthma guidelines set forth by the National Heart and Blood Institute.

Health and Wellness Alliance for Children

The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children was created by Children’s Medical Center and represents a partnership of more than 60 community organizations – spanning health, education, government, nonprofits and the faith community – that are focused on improving the health and well-being of children in Dallas County.

Pulmonology Asthma Services

The care team for inpatient, meaning hospitalized patients, and outpatient, meaning doctor's appointments, at Children's Health service severe and high risk asthma. Your child's care team includes clinical pulmonologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, dieticians, and social workers.

Primary Care for Asthma

Our Pediatric Group primary care offices treat low risk asthma. We have offices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The Pediatric Group team of experts is here to serve your family.

Asthma Resources

Read about the asthma condition, managing asthma, home management tools, school forms, camp, events and game information.


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