Asthma Management Program

Asthma Management Program

Proven to reduce asthma-related emergency room (ER) visits, missed school days and missed work days

Asthma affects thousands of children in Texas – causing frequent sick days for them and missed work days for you. Our nationally certified Asthma Management Program helps children age 18 and younger with an asthma diagnosis better manage their condition to experience symptom-free sleep, learning and play. Our 3–6 month program focuses on asthma education and care coordination for your child and all the important caretakers in their life.

Multidisciplinary care gives you easy access to specialists

We understand that asthma can affect your family and every aspect of your child’s life. Our expert team is made up of a wide range of compassionate professionals including board-certified physicians with extensive training in treating lung conditions, registered nurses, respiratory therapists and social workers. We work together to develop a treatment plan that is personalized to your child’s unique needs. Our entire team is focused on one goal: a happy, healthy life for your child.

Everyone deserves the opportunity for asthma education.
Leslie Ferons, Respiratory Therapist

Advanced technology helps manage your child’s asthma

We offer inhalers with Bluetooth technology to help manage your child’s asthma controller and rescue medications from any location. We provide a device that attaches to your child’s inhaler and monitors its use. It sends reminders when medication is scheduled and records information about the time, weather and your child’s location when the inhaler is used. All the data is transferred to a portal that you and your child can access with a smartphone or email.

By tracking when, where and under what circumstances your child’s inhaler is used, our team gains invaluable information about when medication is needed. The reminder function helps monitor that your child is taking their medication on schedule, which increases its effectiveness overall.

Services Provided

  • Trigger assessment to help you recognize the conditions that make your child’s asthma flare-up
  • One-on-one discussions and monthly group education to help you understand your child’s medication and how to administer it correctly
  • Home visits with a registered respiratory therapist to assess your child’s living environment and offer suggestions on how to make it more asthma-friendly
  • A home evaluation to identify specific asthma triggers
  • Bi-weekly phone calls with a registered nurse that specializes in asthma management
  • Access to certified asthma educators who provide hands-on education and one-on-one information about your child’s condition
  • Constant communication with your child’s primary care provider to ensure continuity of care
  • Our registered respiratory therapist offer visits to homes, schools, day-care centers, churches, and community oriented primary care centers for your convenience.

We were the first asthma program in the nation to earn certification by the Joint Commission for Disease-Specific Care Programs for pediatric asthma initiatives. You can trust your child is getting the most advanced asthma care available today.

Parent Resources

  • Asthma straw challenge - Asthma hurts…if you want to know what it feels like, take the asthma straw challenge!
  • Asthma education and resources - The following patient education documents and recommended links are provided from your care team for your reference. This section is for educational purposes only.
  • Managing asthma - There are about 20 million people in the United States with asthma. Some children are not able to play sports or take physical education (PE). Their asthma is not well controlled. Children with poorly controlled asthma miss 14 or more school days each year.
  • School forms - In 2003 the State of Texas passed a law stating that students could carry their reliever asthma inhalers with them to school if the parents and HCP (health care provider) agree and if both gave written permission.