Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

The only program in North Texas dedicated to providing gynecology treatment and care — from counseling to surgery — for kids and teens.

Girls and young women have unique gynecology needs. Our team is specially trained to meet those needs by helping children and teens overcome female-related health problems in a sensitive and confidential manner. We provide expert care for all types of gynecological issues, and work to help girls grow up to be happy, healthy women. 

Advanced Care for Women with Bleeding Disorders

Young Women's Blood Disorders Clinic

The Young Women's Blood Disorder clinic at Children's Health is focused on treating excessive menstrual bleeding with expertise from hematology (specialists in blood disorders), gynecology, and adolescent medicine. It is the only program of its kind in North Texas treating excessive menstrual bleeding and other related disorders by putting top specialists in reproductive health and blood disorders under one roof. While excessive menstrual bleeding is fairly common, the reasons for it vary. We treat all causes of excessive menstrual bleeding, as well as the side effects.

Providing personalized care

Our team treats all types of gynecological conditions in pediatric patients. We also take steps to try to catch these conditions early. For example, we often look at the pattern of a girl’s menstrual cycle as one way to assess her overall health. Just like an abnormal heart rate or a fever, irregular menstrual cycles can be key to diagnosing illnesses and helping doctors find and treat reproductive concerns. 

In addition to diagnosing and treating gynecologic problems we also support our patients' overall well-being by providing accurate, confidential and sensitive care surrounding reproductive health. We aim to promote physical, mental and social well-being related to reproductive issues. We work with girls to diagnose and treat health problems, while avoiding unnecessary examinations when possible. Visiting a gynecologist at an early age helps patients build relationships with our doctors, learn about healthy behaviors from experts, address fears and myths surrounding reproductive health, and start conversations about these topics with patients and their guardians.  

Our gynecologists are all nationally known in their field and also actively involved in research. They desire to implement best practices and evidence-based medicine so they can improve the gynecologic and reproductive health of all girls in North Texas.  

Meet the Care Team