Adolescent Labial Hypertrophy

Labial hypertrophy is a condition where one or both labia (vaginal lips) are larger than normal.

What is Adolescent Labial Hypertrophy?

The labia have outside skin folds (labia majora) and inner skin folds (labia minora).

While labial hypertrophy can affect the size of both the inner and outer folds, it typically changes the appearance of the labia minora. If this occurs, the inner folds extend past the outside folds in over 50% of women and girls.

There is no reported “normal size,” but typically they are thought to be enlarged if >4-5 cm per side.

What are the signs and symptoms of Adolescent Labial Hypertrophy?

Symptoms of labial hypertrophy can include:

  • Noticeably larger labia
  • Pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Pain or discomfort during some activities like bike riding, horseback riding or running
  • Pain or discomfort when wearing tight-fitting clothes like bathing suits or tights

What are the causes of Adolescent Labial Hypertrophy?

The exact cause of labial hypertrophy is unknown. Some physicians credit it to natural variations in the body. Some girls are born with enlarged labia, and others may develop hypertrophy over time.

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