Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine (AYA)

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine (AYA)

As the largest group of board-certified, fellowship-trained adolescent medicine specialists in North Texas, we focus specifically on the unique needs of adolescents.

At Children’s Health℠, the board certified, fellowship-trained adolescent and young adult (AYA) medicine specialists build meaningful relationships with adolescents to support the evolving physical, emotional and spiritual needs during a critical time period in their lives.

We serve as an additional resource to your primary care doctor (PCP) to promote the health and well-being of male and female ​adolescents 11 – 21 years old.


The AYA Clinic respects the adolescent’s right to confidentiality. With most adolescents, we will speak to the patient alone at some point during each visit to provide opportunities to privately address sensitive issues.

We sincerely value and promote strong relationships between parents and their children and make every effort to keep parents involved in all aspects of their adolescent’s health care. In partnership with parents, we educate and work with adolescents to help build self-esteem, knowledge and skills to help them make positive choices as they face the challenges of today’s world.

Teen health is our specialty. No question is too embarrassing. No problem is too serious.
Your AYA Team

A parent or guardian must provide a general consent for a minor to be treated in our clinic and should be available on site or by phone to consent for any procedures or vaccines. According to Texas Law, however, a minor has the right to consent for their own confidential health care in the following situations: testing and/or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy-related care, and treatment for drug or alcohol abuse as well as mental health issues. This means that if you are 14-17 years old, you are entitled to confidential care as long as you have your insurance card. 



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