Young Women’s Blood Disorders Program

Young Women’s Blood Disorders Program

Children's Health has the only program in North Texas that brings together specialists in reproductive health and blood disorders to help young women overcome menstrual and related problems.

Many young women experience heavy menstrual bleeding and related problems. These issues aren’t just uncomfortable and a nuisance – they can be a sign of an underlying health problem.

That’s why the Young Women’s Blood Disorders Program at Children’s Health℠ aims to find the exact cause of each teen’s and young woman's symptoms. Then, we create a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. Each year, our team of top specialists in reproductive health and bleeding disorders helps hundreds of women address these issues and stop their periods from getting in the way of life.

Conditions We Treat

  • Von Willebrand Disease
  • Rare Clotting Factor Deficiencies

Expert and precise diagnosis of young women’s blood disorders

Heavy menstrual bleeding isn’t something anyone should live with. Our expert team at Children’s Health has helped hundreds of young women take back control of their health and lives, starting with a precise diagnosis.

Our blood disorder experts and reproductive health specialists work together to pinpoint the exact cause of heavy periods. This is especially important because while some medications can regulate your period and control heavy bleeding, they don’t always target the cause of heavy bleeding. Heavy periods can be a sign of a blood disorder like von Willebrand’s disease, which can cause long-term health problems without proper treatment.

Specialized program with the latest treatments

Our team is only the third center in the country to introduce a Young Women’s Blood Disorders Program. Other medical centers nationwide tap our doctors’ expertise to develop programs like ours.

We offer the latest treatments for all causes of excessive menstrual bleeding, as well as related problems like anemia. Our team is also involved in research, which means some of our patients benefit from promising new therapies available in clinical trials.

Care for every aspect of a young woman’s life

Managing bleeding disorders on top of adolescent or young adult life can be challenging. We offer comprehensive resources to support many aspects of health, including:

  • Dental care through our Center for Pediatric Dentistry, for children, teens and young women with bleeding disorders.
  • Discount drug pricing, available through a federal program offered only at designated comprehensive hemophilia treatment centers.
  • Specialists, including orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons and radiologists, experienced in performing procedures on teens and young women with bleeding disorders.
  • Patient education materials, to help manage life with a bleeding disorder.

Meet the Care Team