Strokes in children

Strokes in children

Cerebrovascular Disorders in Children

Strokes in children are complex conditions, and they differ from strokes in adults. Children's Health℠ has the only program in Dallas offering 24-hour specialized stroke care from dedicated pediatric providers.

People don’t typically think of strokes in children, but they can happen. Strokes in children can result from cerebrovascular disorders, which affect blood flow to the brain. When a child is at risk of a stroke, the highly-trained team at Children's Health℠ is ready to help.

The Cerebrovascular Disorders in Children is one of very few centers of its kind in the region. We have deep expertise managing and treating cerebrovascular disorders in children, and we use the most advanced technology and techniques, designed especially for children.

We start your child’s treatment with a series of tests to identify the cause of their stroke. From there, we’ll create a custom care plan that will help them recover and prevent future strokes. Throughout the process, we work closely with our Child Life team to keep your child comfortable and relaxed with therapies such as art, music, and pet therapy.

Timely care, advanced treatment

When a child has a stroke, every second matters – children who receive treatment faster typically have better outcomes. Our team works hard to make sure parents and caregivers recognize the signs of a pediatric stroke, particularly in children with cerebrovascular disorders. We also make sure you know what to do if a child has a stroke.

We are one of very few medical centers nationwide that is uniquely equipped to provide rapid treatment to children who have had a stroke. That means we can provide care for children who have experienced severe strokes and have complex, underlying conditions.

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Specialized care tailored to your child

At Children’s Health, we use the latest technology, such as top-of-the-line imaging tools to get to the root of your child’s stroke. Our team meets regularly to discuss each child's unique condition, brainstorm new approaches and create a treatment plan that meets their exact needs.

We’re home to pediatric specialists of all kinds, meaning that we work with cardiologists, hematologists and other experts. Together, we determine why a child had a stroke and how best to treat it. We also work closely with the University of Texas System, using leading-edge research to inform the care we provide.

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