Helping Children Get on the Move

Helping Children Get on the Move

Mobility and Equipment Clinic

Physical rehabilitation experts at our Mobility and Equipment Clinic help children with mobility issues get around better. We connect your family with equipment that can support your child when they’re at home, school or on the go.

Children with mobility issues due to spine injuries, neuromuscular disorders or other conditions need help getting to the places they want to go. They also need equipment at home for bathing, sleeping and moving around. The Mobility and Equipment Clinic at Children's Health℠ provides your child with all their durable medical equipment needs in one convenient location.

Our team of specially trained physical therapists and assistive technology practitioners (ATPs) conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child’s mobility needs. We also have a pediatric rehabilitation physician on our team for children who have extremely complex medical conditions and equipment needs.

We have the expertise to determine the best types of equipment for your child – and we have the resources to get it quickly. Children at our clinic typically have their equipment within four months. This is half the time that it might take through other therapy programs.

An experienced team of mobility experts

Most of our physical therapists are also certified assistive technology practitioners (ATPs). This additional training means they have the expertise to help children who are movement impaired. During your child’s initial assessment, we learn about your child’s life at home, school and when traveling. We have all types of equipment on-site for your child to test. During one convenient appointment, we determine all the various pieces of equipment your child needs.

Access to all types of medical equipment

We have decades of experience in mobility and medical equipment. Our expertise working with health insurers and strong partnerships with national medical equipment vendors help us get equipment for your child as quickly as possible.

Types of medical equipment a child might need include:

  • Bath chairs and other equipment for hygiene and toileting needs
  • Car seats for safe transportation
  • Gait (walking) trainers to help your child walk
  • Hospital beds and safety beds with canopies or rails for protected slumber
  • Manual and powered wheelchairs to help your child get around
  • Patient lifts to help move your child into a bed, chair or wheelchair
  • Standing frames to help your child stand unassisted

Dedicated equipment support for growing children

We provide services for children from infants up to age 19 (and in some instances, age 21). Most children use their medical equipment for about five years before outgrowing it or wearing it out. As your growing child’s needs change, we can modify existing equipment. We perform evaluations at any time upon request.

Certain types of mobility equipment, like a wheelchair or standing frame, come directly to us. We perform an in-clinic training and assessment session to make sure your child (and you) are comfortable using the equipment. This session also ensures the equipment provides the right fit and support. Bath and bed equipment typically ships to your home.

Meet the Care Team

  • Robert Rinaldi, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor
  • Christen Dodd PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, C/NDT, CKTP
  • Staci Schwartz PT, DPT, ATP
  • AH
    Allison Haveman PT, DPT-Cityville